Original Music: World Famous Blue Jays

Music Consultants: Jeremy Tepper & Jay Sherman-Godfrey

In addition to a fine selection of music ranging from Duke Ellington to David Bowie, "The Big One" features an original instrumental score composed and recorded by the World Famous Blue Jays.

Formed in the mid '80s by songwriting partners Jay Sherman-Godfrey (lead guitar, vocals) and Jeremy Tepper (vocals, guitar), the World Famous Blue Jays have been a mainstay on the New York City club scene for over a decade, coining the term "Rig Rock" to describe their trucker-flavored brand of gear jammin' country rock.

After releasing two 45s on the Hideout label, the band formed Diesel Only Records in 1990, releasing dozens of singles by like minded bands from New York and elsewhere and building a jukebox distribution network that includes diners and truckstops across the country.

World Famous Blue Jays have released four singles on Diesel Only (including one with wildman Mojo Nixon), all of which have been produced by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel and are featured on the two critically-acclaimed compilations "Rig Rock Jukebox" (1992) and "Rig Rock Truckstop" (1993). More recently, the World Famous Blue Jays have appeared on such compilations as Pravda's "Star Power" (Jim Stafford's "Spiders & Snakes"), Bloodshot's "Hell Bent" (the instrumental B-side "Mud Flap Boogie") and the new Zero Hour tribute to James Brown "Superbad at 65" ("I'll Go Crazy").

In 1996, Diesel Only produced its third CD compilation, "Rig Rock Deluxe: A Musical Salute To The American Truck Driver," which won the 1997 NAIRD "Indie Award" for "Americana Album of the Year."

World Famous Blue Jays' instrumental recordings are also heard regularly on "Good Morning America" and the band has contributed songs to such films as Blowback (1992) and Kill The Moonlight (1996), while Jay Sherman-Godfrey composed and recorded several acoustic pieces for the documentary "Riding The Rails" (1997). The instrumental soundtrack for "The Big One" (not commercially available) includes four World Famous Blue Jays tracks that appear on previous "Rig Rock" compilations ("Good Morning Mr. Trucker," "Diesel Only Theme," "Mud Flap Boogie," "Cookin' With Jay") and four new compositions commissioned by Michael Moore specifically for the film ("Corporate Avenger," "Red Army March," "Hot Wings," "Surfin' With Jay").


"Good Morning Mr. Trucker," "Diesel Only Theme," "Mud Flap Boogie," "Cookin' With Jay: Jay Sherman-Gofrey: lead guitar Jeremy Tepper: rhythm guitar, lead vocals Albert Caiati: drums Marc Fagelson: bass guitar Produced by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel; Recorded at Coyote Studios, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"Corporate Avenger," "Red Army March," "Hot Wings," "Surfin' With Jay": Jay Sherman-Godfrey: lead guitar Jeremy Tepper: rhythm guitar Camp Childers: lead and rhythm guitar Dan Prater: bass guitar Doug Wygal: drums Pete Linzell: saxophones Produced by World Famous Blue Jays; Recorded at Coyote Studios, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Film Credits

Blowback (1992): "Do It For Hank"
Kill The Moonlight (1996): "Cookin' With Jay"
Riding The Rails (1997): "Peggy's Lament," "Field Song" (Jay Sherman Godfrey)
The Big One (1998): "Good Morning Mr. Trucker," "Diesel Only Theme," "Mud Flap Boogie," "Cookin' With Jay," "Corporate Avenger," "Red Army March," "Hot Wings," "Surfin' With Jay."



"10 Pin Boogie" b/w "Hush" (Hideout) "Annie Is A Granny" b/w "Is A Bluebird Blue" (Hideout) "Good Morning Mr. Trucker" b/w "Motor City" (Diesel Only) "Do It For Hank" b/w "Mud Flap Boogie" (Diesel Only) "Cheeseburger Deluxe" b/w "Cookin' With Jay" (Diesel Only) with Mojo Nixon: "UFOs, Big Rigs & BBQ" b/w "Chug-A-Lug" (Diesel Only/SOL) Compilations:

Smiles, Vibes & Harmonies (DeMilo): "This Car of Mine" Rig Rock Jukebox (Diesel Only/First Warning): "Good Morning Mr. Trucker," "Do It For Hank" and "Diesel Only Theme" Rig Rock Truckstop (Diesel Only/Fruit of the Tune): "UFOs, Big Rigs & BBQ," "Chug-A-Lug," "Cheeseburger Deluxe" and "Cookin' With Jay" Star Power (Pravda): "Spiders And Snakes" Hell Bent: Insurgent Country Vol. 2 (Bloodshot): "Mud Flap Boogie" Kill The Moonlight: The Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sympathy For The Record Industry): "Cookin' With Jay" Superbad At 65 (Zero Hour): "I'll Go Crazy"

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