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A Digital Battle Over 'Nike and Me'Friday, April 24, 1998
Leslie Miller

The Internet is the latest battleground for documentary maker Michael Moore and Nike founder Phil Knight, dueling over details in Moore's new film, The Big One.

Knight apparently took exception to his portrayal in the film, which criticizes corporate labor practices. So Nike posted a Web page: "On the Cutting Room Floor scenes you won't see (but SHOULD see) from Michael Moore's 'The Big One.' "

"Ordinarily we're not in the cinema business," says Nike's Vada Manager. "But this deals with our corporate reputation and the accuracy of the facts."

The page ( has four audio and video clips, taken from Nike's videotaping of the same interview, addressing details including the age of workers in Nike's Indonesian shoe factories.

Moore responded last week by adding a new section to his own Web site refuting Nike's page, with outtakes from his own footage. Moore's page ( mimics Nike's, using the same colors, titles and layout. "Nike is deliberately misleading Web surfers, and we want to set the record straight," says Tia Lessin, coordinating producer.

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