Writer, Producer & Director
Michael Moore

Associate Producer, Editor
Wendey Stanzler

Editor, Sound Editor
Jennifer Beman

Christopher Beaver
John Prusack
Kevin Rafferty
Bruce Schermer

Judy Irving

Production Coordinators
Rod Birleson
Anne Bohlen
Robert Wilhelm

Additional Editing
David Petersen
Gini Reticker

Additional Sound Editing
Andrea Hull
David Petersen

Assistant Editors
Lynda Bahaudin
Vinnie Bui
Adam Fleishmen
Amy Flynn
Richard Cronenberg
David O. Rogers
Mark White

Assistant Sound Editors
Ronna Foote
Kate Reed

Additional Camera
Ronna Foote
Judy Irving
Daniel S. Noga
Kurt Rauf
David Zaremba

Additional Sound
Charlie Arnot
Pat Barrie
Rod Birleson
Lloyd Dangle
Dana Foote
Dwight Matlock
Robert Prusack
Bruce Schermer
Jim Torres
Robert Wilhelm

Production Assistants
Diana Anderson
Jeff Bloomer
William Bryce
Kathleen Glynn
Francine Jones
Rebecca Kanner
Stephanie Laubrick
Paula Longendyke
Pat Megison
Andrew Morehouse
Barbara Prusack
Keith Prusack
Christopher Reilly
Val Sklar
Melissa Stanzler
Josef Steiff
Marilyn Trent

Title Design
Kathleen Glynn

Miguel Munoz

Pacific Title

Color and 35mm Blow Up
Du Art Film Labs


Sound Facilities Donated By
Thomas Hall
Kevin Fallis

Sound Mixer
Peter Waggoner, Sound One

Negative Cutter
JG Films

Additional Labwork
Bono Film and Video
Image Transform
Optimage of Montreal
Rolland House

Lynne Bernabei
Gary Boren
Martin Garbus
Richard Heller
Debra Katz
Arthur Klein
Mary Omelveny
Robert Solomon
Mark Traphagen

This movie was made with the generous support and encouragement
from the following individuals:
Chris Beaver
Rod Birleson
Anne Bohlen
Alan Fountain
Tom Hall
Al Hivela
Judy Irving
David Koff
Kevin Rafferty
Elizabeth Rose
Jack Stanzler
Felipa Valdez
Laurie White
Irwin Young

Archival Sources
Cooga Mooga, Inc.
Detroit Free Press
Detroit News
Flint Convention and Visitors Bureau
Flint Journal
Richard Prelinger
General Motors
KGO-TV, San Fransisco
KRON-TV, San Fransisco
Sloan Museum
Wide World Photos
WJRT-TV, Flint
WJBK-TV, Detroit
WNEM-TV, Saginaw
WTRX-TV, Flint

Funding Provided By
J. Roderick MacArthur Foundation
Michigan Council for the Arts
Edelman Family Fund
Essential Information
Ruth Edgerton
Center for New Television
Greater Flint Arts Council

Addtional Funding By
Ed Asner
Brian & Clarita Beck
Gary Boren
Larry & Paul Coppola
Robert Edgerton
Norman & Vivian Gottlieb
William Hayden
Eugene & Sally Herzog
Larry Jones
Frank Kolinski
Regina McNulty
Frank & Veronica Moore
Dave & Becky Pettengill
Nathan & Joan Schafer
Susan Steigerwalt
Sue Stone & John Zweifler
Ruth Zweifler
Readers of the Michigan Voice
our Tuesday Night Bingo Players

Special Thanks To
Kay Armatage
Joe Bono
Kathie & Russell Carson
Peter Cavanaugh
Alexander Cockburn
George Corsetti
Barbara Davis
Lee Dichter
Ron Elfstrom
Paul & Holly Fine
Bill Gallagher
Andy Garrison
Delores Glynn
Mr. Goodwrench
Richard Gull
Hillman & Carr
Kathy Hornsby
Don & Phillip Issaguire
Deborah Karl
Time Kisha
Musindo Mwinypembe
David Larzalere
Frank & Veronica Moore
Tony Morello
tewart Mott & Kappy Wells
Jim Musselman
Ralph Nader
Bill Nisselson
Don O'Reilly
Richard Pena
Bill & Stella Pence
John Pierson
Vanessa Procopio
Pierce Rafferty
Raimondi Films
Victor & Sophie Reuther
John Richard
Jim Ridgeway
Fritz Rolland
Harriet Rubin
Doug Sanders
Len Schmitz
Barb Schroeder
Tom Scott
Kathy Smith
Lori Smith
Roger B. Smith
Robert Stone
Doris Suciu
Anne Wells
Charles White
Andrew Wylie
Jeanie Wylie

Betty Cook
Pansy hawkins
Ann Matthews
Bertha Serich

To Our Friends and Family Living in Flint

"I am Proud to be an American"
Written By Albert Malotte
Performed By Pat Boone
Courtesy of MCA Records

"Here He Comes, Pat Boone"
Written By Jerry Seelan & Artie Malvin

"California, Here I Come"
Written By Buddy Desylva,
Joseph Meyer & Al Jolson

"Lucky, Lucky Me"
Written By Milton Berle & Buddy Arnold
Performed By Connie Francis
Courtesy of Polygram Special Products,
a Division of Polygram Records, Inc.

"This Guy's In Love With You"
Written By Burt Bacharach & Hal David

"There She Is, Miss America"
Written By Bernie Wayne

"Put Your Hand in the Hand"
Written By Gene Maclellan
Performed By Anita Bryant

"Michigan State University Fight Song"
Written By F.I. Lankey
Performed By the Michigan University Marching Band
Courtesy of Fidelity Sound Recordings

"Wouldn't It Be Nice"
Written By Brian Wilson & Terry Asher
Performed by The Beach Boys
Courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc.
By Arrangement with CEMA Special Markets

"Back Home Again"
Written By John Denver

"The Newlywed Game Theme"
Written by Charles H. Barris
Performed By Trumpets Ole
Courtesy of MCA Records

"Union Maid"
Written By Woody Guthrie

"Joy to the World"
Written By Hoyt Axton
Performed By Anita Bryant

"Speedy Gonzales"
Written By Buddy Kay, David Hill & Ethel Lee
Performed By Pat Boone

"The Way It Is"
Written By Bruce Hornsby
Performed By Bruce Hornsby and the Range
Courtesy of RCA Records

"My Hometown"
Written By Bruce Springsteen
Performed By Bruce Springsteen
Courtesy of CBS Records
Music Licensing Department

"Jingle Bells"
Arranged By the Singing Dogs
Performed By the Singing Dogs
Courtesy of Metorion Music Corp.

Happy Birthday to You"
Written By Mildred J.Hill & Patty S. Hill
Performed By Pat Boone

"Jailhouse Rock"
Written By Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
Performed By the Nighthawks

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
Written By J. Fred Coots & Haven Gillespie

"Talk To Me Baby"
Written By Jerry Seelan & Artie Malvin
Performed By Pat Boone

The Flint Plasma Center is open on Mondays,
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Saturdays and Sunday, they're closed.

Flint Convention and Visitors Bureau

This film cannot be shown within the city of Flint.

All the movie theaters have closed.

This motion picture copyright 1989 Warner Bros. Inc.

All material is protected by copyright laws of the United States and all countries throughout the world. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution or copying of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) is an infringement of the relevant copyright and will subject the infringer to severe civil and crimina penalties.

Distributed By Warner Bros.
A Warner Communications Company

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