Moore's Up to More Mischief
September 10, 1992

Ben Still

The last time we saw filmmaker Michael Moore reporting on his hometown of Flint, Mich., things weren't going so well. That was three years ago when his raucous irreverent "Roger & Me" became a surprise film hit. Now he's back with an update in "Pets or Meat: The Return to Flint" and things aren't getting any better.

Both films make their network television premieres on Sept. 28 on PBS's investigative series "P.O.V."

Flint is a dying city on its way to becoming a 21st century ghost town," said Moore "I wanted to do an update to show people that it's not just Flint anymore, it's everywhere ... I didn't want to give people the images that they're numb to -- that's why, in the original "Roger & Me" there's no shot of the unemployment line or the welfare office, the things you see on the six o'clock news."

What we do see is an outlandish assemblage of locals as Moore searches in vain to interview the elusive General Motors Chairman Roger Smith, under whose stewardship the automaker had undertaken an ambitious plan to move its operation to Mexico. More than 30,000 Flint residents lost their jobs in the '80's, so the anarchic filmmaker and son of an auto factory worker set out to skewer a slice of corporate America.

"Pets or Meat," a half-hour update made exclusively for "P.O.V." returns to the scene of the crime. It revisits many of the original film's featured players like the "bunny lady" and the house evictor. Moore's wicked blend of location footage and social commentary has lost none of its bite.

Plus it's no accident that this broadcast comes just weeks before the general elections.

"It's my contribution to the political discourse of this campaign," said Moore. "I want this issue -- the economy, the depression of 1992 -- to be the central issue of this campaign."

But the inimitable "bunny lady's" new animal trade -- gulp - steals the show.

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