Toronto Globe and Mail
Thursday, September 11, 1997
Did you know that, when you dial the "800" number for TWA at certain times of the day, the person taking your reservation is an inmate in a California prison?

Were you aware that the Pillsbury company gets $11 million in federal welfare to help promote the Pillsbury Dough Boy in third world countries?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Michael Moore actually ever got to see a corporate chairman - and his name was Phil Knight of Nike?

Michael Moore, the award-winning director of Roger & Me and TV Nation, found himself out of work again in 1996. So he sat down and wrote a book called Downsize This! Random Threats from an Unarmed American. Random House agreed to publish it and then sent him on a five-city tour to promote the book.

Or so they thought.

Fifty cities later, Mike was still on the road. He had decided to use the tour as a way to try and meet just one CEO who could explain why he was laying off thousands of people at a time he was making billions of dollars.

The result is a savage and hilarious documentary feature entitled The Big One. This is Moore's first documentary feature since his classic, groundbreaking film, Roger & Me — a film which went on to become the highest grossing documentary of all time.

Now, seven years after Moore exposed with devastating humor the fate of his hometown at the hands of General Motors, he turns his lens on the rest of America. Filmed over the course of three months in late 1996, The Big One explores the State of the Union with both comedic and tragic results. From the corporate suites he tries to sneak into to the standing-room-only audiences he speaks to each evening, Michael Moore gives us a glimpse of America we will never see on the evening news.

Part Roger & Me, part TV Nation, part debut of a reluctant stand-up humorist, The Big One is the long-awaited follow-up to one of the most important films of this decade and proof that Michael Moore is that rare individual who can make us laugh and get us to think at the same time.

The Big One is a production of the BBC and Dog Eat Dog Films.